New Years Eve

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01 01 14 - 08:45

Happy New Year!

We heard this morning that that we are definitely going to be evacuated when the weather clears – maybe tomorrow… we’ll see!

Meanwhile today has been a lot of fun. I lead the writing of a song which we have rehearsed a few times today and which will be sung as part of our New Years Eve celebrations tonight. For your pleasure the words are below!

There has already been quite a bit of media interest so you may get to see it being sung sometime. It’s also likely to appear as a youtube video on

We also had good fun stomping around on our helicopter pad, consolidating the snow, and singing wild and wonderful stomping music as we went. The weather was pretty damp and windy as we did it, but we ended up warm and in high spirits! Then the music and exercise continued with a salsa dance lesson this afternoon with Naysa and Alicia, our two whale and seal ecologists from Chile.

Enjoy the New Year – I’m looking forward to celebrating with everyone when we finally make it home!

We’re the AAE in Antarctica

We’re the AAE and we’ve travelled far 
Having fun doing science in Antarctica 
Lot of snow and lots of ice 
Lots of penguins which are very very nice 
Really good food and company 
But bloody great shame we are still stuck here!

Ice core cha cha cha, Ice core cha cha cha Ice core cha cha cha Ice core cha cha cha 
(also ‘Academic Shokalskiy’, and ‘Stuck in Antarctica’)

Lots of ships around us now 
Boats at our stern and boats at our bow 
Up in the air the Chinese came 
Flew around once, then left again 
The French dropped by but could not get near 
Bloody great shame we are still stuck here!


Aurora Australis came roaring in 
But the ice was thick where they hoped it was thin 
They withdrew to the edge to consider their plan 
Really determined to the very last man 
But the way through the pack was far from clear 
So bloody great shame we are still stuck here!


All the world is making a fuss 
Big Brother house has nothing on us 
The Guardian and the BBC 
Are pumping out news of you and me 
You can watch CNN or Al Jazeer 
But bloody great shame we are still stuck here!


We’ve done great science, 
Mawson would be proud 
We got to the hut, we’ve covered the ground 
We’ve sung with the seals, danced with the birds 
Played around with the oceanographers 
And now we wish you a happy New Year 

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