Protecting the Great Barrier Reef and achieving a safe climate

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11 11 11 - 05:31

A letter I just sent off to the Federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke about the Great Barrier Reef, dredging and coal seam gas

great barrier reef corals

Dear Minister,
I am writing to ask that you immediately halt all dredging in Gladstone Harbour and throughout the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area until you’ve examined the combined impacts of millions of tonnes of dredging to expand fossil fuel exports.
It's so backwards, so 19th century, so destructive, so short sighted, so unnecessary, and so economically disastrous too because of the potential impacts on the reef and the harbour.
The science of climate change tells us that to be sure of having a liveable planet for our children , let alone our grandchildren and future generations we have to drastically cut our carbon pollution. Coal seam gas extraction and accompanying environmental disasters such are unfolding in Gladstone are not part of a clean energy future. 
I have 20 year and 17 year old sons. They are likely to live until 2070 or so - well beyond the time when serious disastrous impacts of climate change are projected to have occurred on current emissions scenarios. We can't allow this to occur. We , you, I, peoples and governments of the world can change this bleak dismal outlook. And a good place to start is to stop the dredging and stop the explosion of coal seam gas extraction from Queensland.
Surely you and your staff  understand this. You're good, intelligent  people.
How you can allow this dredging to go on when you have the power to stop it? Surely it must make it hard for you to sleep at night.

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