As Chair of Metropolitan Transport Forum, Janet’s combination of enthusiasm, collaboration, intellect and pragmatism made the MTF one of the very credible and respected voices on transport issues.

Janet has great skills in working with people with diverse views, and getting to a workable consensus; and she is always practical and outcome focussed in her approach.

Cr Jo Connellan,

Councillor, City of Moreland

Janet has vast experience with community organisation and in local government as a campaigner and advocate. Her skills include campaign planning, research, building a support base, communicating with, involving and motivating supporters, lobbying, and working with media. She has a particular interest in melding the use of online and face to face communication. Janet can advise on campaigns, work with and mentor campaign staff, and/or work on campaigns herself.

An Example

Colleen Hartland MLC, 2008 and 2010

Janet worked with Colleen Hartland managing community campaigns across her electorate, in particular sustainable transport campaigns and a campaign on planning concerns in Footscray. All campaigns had a focus on engaging and empowering community members, and have been the springboard for powerful community campaigns on these issues.