Behaviour change programs

Janet was a pioneer in behaviour change programs for sustainability related outcomes with her work developing Bicycle Victoria’s Ride to Work program.. A successful behaviour change program will involve understanding the incentives for behaviour change, and will amplify these incentives; will understand the barriers to behaviour change, and work to reduce these barriers, will make a personal connection, and understand that behaviours influence attitudes much more strongly than attitudes predict behaviours.

Some examples

Climate Emergency Network 2011

Janet is currently working with the Climate Emergency Network planning a major community mobilisation program to achieve powerful action for a safe climate. The behaviour change aspects of the program will be based on detailed research and include peer support programs, establishing supportive social networks, and building from small commitments to large ones as part of a holistic integrated program.

Bicycle Victoria Ride to Work program 1992-1997

Janet was the creator of Bicycle Victoria's Ride to Work campaign. The model has been highly successful and has been maintained over the last two decades. Key elements include the involvement of workplaces to provide new riders with peer support; Ride to Work Day providing timely motivation to give riding to work a go, incentives to ride, and ongoing support.