Nominators' Statements

I am very privileged to have the support of Jill Redwood, Cr Alison Clarke, Mark Riley and Cr Samantha Dunn as my nominators. Here are their statements which outline why they are supporting me

Jill RedwoodJill Redwood

Janet never stops initiating and doing what needs to be done. She is a realistic optimist who challenges every barrier and naysayer with dexterity and ability. Many of us wish we had a fraction of that whirlwind energy. Over the years Janet has amassed valuable skills for a career in politics, together with a never fading passion for the environment and social justice.

I first campaigned with Janet back in the 80s.  She was a cheery, positive and tireless warrior who passionately fought to have East Gippsland’s forests protected.  Trying to talk sense to our politicians about why it was economically and environmentally insane to destroy National Estate listed forests was futile. Politics after all tends to look after the developers and destroyers.  But where many people would burn out and become a despondent mess after such a hard stint with little outcome, Janet went on to reform the political scene instead, helping form the Australian Greens!

With the Greens team we already have operating in government, Janet’s matching talents would give us the dynamite needed for transforming the system. If Janet gets inside our Parliament - watch out!

Candidate for Gippsland East 2010
Candidate for Eastern Victoria 2006
Local Government candidate 2003
Gippsland East Campaign Manager 2002.
Member , 1995- current
Co-ordinator Environment East Gippsland, 1980’s - current

alison clarke Cr Alison Clarke

I got to know Janet during election campaigns. Doorknocking with Janet is quite an experience! She’s indefatigable, knows her stuff and communicates with everyone in a respectful, friendly way.

Janet brought integrity and drive to Maribyrnong Council where she implemented a Greens agenda from a minority position. She soon won her colleagues’ respect and they elected her as Mayor in 2005.

I am always impressed by her optimism and ability to involve and organise others.  The success of the Greens in Melbourne’s western suburbs has been in no small part due to Janet.

Janet is well-respected in local government circles. As Chair of the Metropolitan Transport Forum, Janet led Councils across Melbourne in the pt4me2 campaign. This and her time as an activist and Councillor have made her an accomplished media performer.

She is also a skilled negotiator, and with 20 years of political experience will be an excellent legislator.

Janet is a person of integrity and intelligence who knows how to work towards good outcomes, via good processes. She is at heart a team player, who takes the strength of those she represents when she leads the community.

Janet would be a huge asset to the Greens' Senate team.

Mayor, City of Yarra, 2010
Melba Ward Councillor, City of Yarra 2008 – current
State Councillor (representing Local Government) 2009 - 10
Victorian Party Coordinator, 2006-2009
Co-Convenor of the Victorian State Election Campaign Committee, 2005-06
Convenor of Planning and Transport Working Group, 2005
Inner Melbourne Region Convenor, 2004
Yarra Branch Convenor, 2003
Member 2001 - current

mark riley Mark Riley

I’m nominating Janet as she embodies Greens values in her work and life.

I first worked with Janet when I was the state office party administrator in 2003-6. She helped with good sense and acute insight.

Janet embraces difference while encouraging deep and critical thinking, and has the skills and wisdom to work through differences and reach agreements.

Janet has worked hard for a better world, especially for those who can least afford it. She’s worked with and supported people with disabilities, and is passionate about a fair go for refugees and others who are struggling.  She has long advocated for a smarter, cheaper, truly integrated transport system, and she walks the talk; riding her bike almost everywhere. 

Janet is a strong supporter of GLBTI issues. At a personal level she has supported her partner Penny and their sons through some major life challenges. Penny and Janet are incredible role models for both the GLBTI community and the wider community.

Janet has a vision for the future, for us, and our children and grandchildren. She inspires me and I believe as a Senator she has the capacity to inspire and attract many others into supporting Greens values and ideals.

Candidate for Moreland City Council Elections 2012
Candidate for Wills 2010
AGV Party Administrator, 2003- 2006
AGV Disputes Panel Member 2009- current
Australian Greens Donations Reference Group  2009 - current
Member of State Council for North West Region  October 2011 – current
Member of the Victorian Greens fund raising group  2006-7
AGV Representative on the AG Donations Reference Group  2009-10
AGV liaison with the Refugee Advocacy Network Victoria 2010 - current
Member 2001 - current

samantha dunn Cr Samantha Dunn

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Janet Rice for Senate preselection.

A passionate founding member of the Greens, Janet is articulate and committed to the principles of the Greens.

It is important that our lead Senate candidate has the skills, knowledge and experience required of a Senator. Janet does. She would bring vast experience from her professional career; from local government at the City of Maribyrnong, Victorian Local Governance Association and the Metropolitan Transport Forum; and as a community campaigner.

Being a Councillor and Mayor provides real experience in decision making, including high pressure environments and the need to negotiate competing interests.  Janet’s skills in this area make her the stand out candidate for Senate preselection.

Janet understands the key issues impacting our country (and planet). Her current work with the Climate Emergency Network demonstrates her commitment to seeing urgent powerful action on climate change.

A team player, resourceful, dedicated, and with the experience to make sensible long term decisions, Janet has been an energetic and enthusiastic member, organiser, campaigner and representative of the Greens for almost twenty years. I have no doubt she can take the next step to being an excellent Senate candidate and Senator.

Shire of Yarra Ranges Councillor – 2005 - current (Deputy Mayor 2006)
Lead Candidate for Eastern Victoria – State Election 2010
State Councillor Local Government representative – 2006 -2011
Outer East Regional Council Treasurer – 2006 - 2009
Campaign Assistant Eastern Victoria – State Election 2006
Member – 2004 -current