People supporting Janet

I've worked with a lot of people in my Greens work over the last 20 years. Here's why a diverse range of Members and people from outside the party are supporting my bid for preselection. 

Berhan Ahmed, Chairperson, African ThinkTank
Karen Alexander, Greens Member and Biodiversity Campaigner
Ray Astbury, Climate Change Campaigner
Daniel Bowen, President, Public Transport Users Association
Judith Buckrich, Greens Member and Author
Nick Carson, Candidate for Doncaster, 2010
Gillian Collins, Former Convenor, Frankston Branch
Trevor  Coon, Co-Convenor Western Suburbs Regional Council
Sabina Crawley, Convenor, Hobsons Bay Branch
Cr Lloyd Davies, Borough of Queenscliffe
Katerina Gaita, Climate change and community activist
Jenny Gardner, Heritage Interpretation Consultant
Karin Geradts, Convenor Animals Working Group
Deb Hart, Grassroots climate activist
Cr Helen Harris, City of Whitehorse
Cr Lynette Keleher, City of Casey
Matthew Kirwan, Former Convenor Casey Cardinia Dandenong Branch
Dr Peter Knight, President Maribyrnong Truck Action Group
Linda Laos, Secretary Eltham Branch
Cr Dina Lynch, Independent Councillor, City of Maribyrnong
Ed McKinley, Director, Groupwork Institute of Australia
Dr Patrick Moriarty, Author, Rise and Fall of the Carbon Civilisation
Shaun Murray, Spokesperson on Coal, Friends of the Earth Australia
Lisa Owen, Convenor, Warrnambool Branch
Travis Pemberton, Greens Member and volunteer
Jeremy Press, Member of VCECC
Rose  Read, Co-convenor Bayside- Glen Eira Branch
Merryn Redenbach, Climate Change activist
Jenny Saulwick, Founding Member and inaugural State Secretary
Alex Schlotzer, Former State Convenor , Founder Brimbank Branch
Gurm Sekhon, Registered Officer of the Victorian Greens former Yarra Councillor, forner State Convenor
Philip Sutton, Author, Climate Code Red
Cr Lenka Thompson, Moreland City Council
Rex Thompson, Former Member Disputes Panel, Knox Maroondah Branch
Cathy Trembath, Convenor Gippsland Regional Council, State Councillor
Huong Truong, Greens Member, Footscray
Eugene Ughetti, Artistic Director, Speak Percussion
Adrian Whitehead, Co-founder, Beyond Zero Emissions

gurm sekhonGurm Sekhon, Registered Officer of the Victorian Greens
Yarra Councillor 2001 - 2008 ,  Greens candidate 15 times.
Former National Convenor, State Convenor, State Secretary, State Councillor and State-wide Election Campaign Coordinator
Janet Rice is amazing.  I am the party’s Registered Officer and have known every Green candidate for a state or federal election in Victoria– it’s my job to officially nominate our candidates to the Electoral Commission.  There has never been a better candidate than Janet Rice. She knows her stuff, works hard and has the knack of describing complex policy issues in everyday language. She inspires supporters, whether audaciously challenging (and winning) at Maribyrnong or bravely (and inspiringly) flying the flag in unwinnable positions as part of a broader Green team. She campaigns for the whole team and always with regard for future campaigns. This is exactly what I want from a Greens candidate.

I was a Yarra Councillor when Janet was a Maribyrnong Councillor: I got to see how she achieved what she achieved in office. Janet had the political nous to hold the Green line and yet negotiate Green outcomes with hostile politicians from other parties, to convince government officials to work on those outcomes and to inspire the community that the Greens are more than just flag-wavers.  This is exactly what I want from Greens holding the balance of power in the Senate.

I’ve been a member of the party since 1994 and a party official for most of that time. Year in, year out, Janet Rice has served in party organisational roles, even after her election to public office. State Council, local branch, policy development, training events... Janet has worked on them all. She puts what she has learned back into the party, strengthening the party and enriching the experiences of members and supporters. Janet is a Life Member of the Australian Greens. Imagine how much stronger the party will be and how much richer our experiences once she is a Senator!

"nick carson" Nick Carson, Candidate for Doncaster and Member Eastern Metro Campaign Committee, 2010
Occupy Melbourne organiser
As one of the younger members and first time candidate for the Greens, my first years as a Green were made all the more fantastic by the wealth of skills and knowledge Janet shared with me and others. Her ability to inspire youthful aspirations, exchanging ideas on concepts so new to so many, empowered myself and others to leap into the unknown and punch above our weight, not just within the Greens.

Her vast experience on community campaigns, and her time as Councillor and Mayor, give her the skills and experience a Senator needs. And perhaps most importantly to me, I’m most confident in and admire Janet’s understanding and commitment to grassroots democracy, consensus-based decision making and her brilliant skills in facilitation, elements that will shape the evolution of our democracy into the 21st century, and qualities I want to see in Australia’s Senate. This is why I’m supporting Janet to lead the Victorian Greens to a second Senate seat in what will be some of the most interesting and testing political times.

karin geradts

Karin Geradts, State Councillor
Convenor AGV Animals Working Group
Former Executive and VCECC Member
I am whole-heartedly supporting Janet Rice’s nomination as lead Senate candidate.

When I joined and became active in the Greens 1996, I remember watching and listening to Janet, and being totally impressed by her common sense and boundless commitment to the Party.  Over the following 15 years that we have worked together in the Greens, my admiration for Janet has only grown.

Janet is eminently suited to being a Greens Senator.  She lives green.  She deeply understands how Greens do politics differently - she’s been there as a Maribyrnong Councillor and Mayor.  She is across an enormous number of issues, with specialities in climate change and transport, and, as a highly effective communicator, can make links in a simple and logical way between all issues.  Janet is a creative thinker who can also speak off the cuff.  She believes deeply in teamwork and consensus decision-making. 

Second to none, as a Senator, I know that Janet will continue to work closely with the Victorian Greens.  She knows that that is vital to maintaining a grassroots party.

But what I love most about Janet is her amiable and no-nonsense qualities.  What you see is what you get.  And I like what I see. Good luck, Janet!  You’ll be an awesome Greens Senator for Victoria!

Rose Read, Co-Convenor, Bayside Glen Eira Branch
Janet has been an integral part of the Victorian Greens since inception. She has been involved in almost every aspect of shaping and growing the party's success. Her organising and negotiating skills are wonderful. Her passion and commitment are strong and unwavering.
Janet has been a personable face for the Greens in many elected and candidate roles. She motivates people to participate and is a persuasive communicator whose passion and integrity shine through. She earns the respect of those who work with her. I would love to see Janet be the next Green to represent Victoria in the Senate. She has earned my support.

Cr Dina Lynch Cr Dina Lynch, Independent Councillor, City of Maribyrnong 

I have known Janet for over twenty years, and worked with her as a fellow Councillor for City of Maribyrnong for three of those years.
Janet has always shown amazing vision for this community, which has had very significant challenges. When on Council and as Mayor she connected with and energised a very diverse, and in some cases, a very disconnected, community. She was able to work effectively with all Councillors, regardless of their political persuasion and put environmental issues on the agenda for the City of Maribyrnong. She has always stayed true to her ethics and values, and has never been swayed by the politics of the moment.
Janet has an amazing capacity to work hard, and through skilful negotiation, persuasion and determination was able to gain the support of other Councillors to achieve some very significant steps forward in making Maribyrnong a more sustainable and socially just community.

matthew kirwanMatthew Kirwan, Co-Convenor Outer East Regional Council
Candidate for Red Gum Ward, City of Greater Dandenong Council 2012
 Our Senate candidate needs three qualities; a track record of campaign success; a deep-seated commitment to the values of the party in particular grass-roots democracy; and the intellectual capacity to succeed if elected.  Janet has all of these.  Her election to a single member ward on Maribyrnong Council and the large swings she received when she ran as a State candidate shows she can win elections, and her time as Mayor demonstrates her  leadership abilities.
Janet's presence at so many Greens events, and her willingness to give time to new members of the party shows that she not only understands the grass-roots nature of the Greens but she puts it into practice.  And her role campaigning on issues such as climate change demonstrates a thorough understanding of the issues and the capability to express them well. I wholeheartedly endorse her for preselection as our Senate candidate.

"berhan ahmed" Dr. Berhan Ahmed, Chairperson of the African Think Tank
Victorian Australian of the Year 2009, Greens Member
I have worked with Janet in the field of refugees, and disadvantaged members of our society in the western region of Melbourne. Janet’s role as Councillor at the Maribyrnong City Council provided our communities with critical support in the services that are essential for the transition of our members from continued dependence and acceptance within broader society. The African communities recognise the invaluable contribution and excellent leadership of Janet in relation to community harmony and welcoming refugees in western region.

I believe Janet is an outstanding member of the community with a genuine concern for the well-being of the community. I have no hesitation in recommending her as lead Senate candidate representing the Greens for the federal election 2013. 

linda laos Linda Laos, Secretary Eltham Greens Branch
Many time Convenor, Eltham Branch, Diamond Valley Branch and Yarra Plenty Regional Council
Many other Candidate and Campaign Manager and other Greens positions
Founding member of the Australian Greens Victoria

 Twenty years ago Janet inspired me to join her in forming a new political party.  She has worked tirelessly throughout the years serving the Party and striving to make the world a better place.  Janet’s commitment to  Greens principles and practice has never wavered, and I am sure that she would hold firm to Greens ideals, even amidst the machinations of Canberra.

Janet’s vast experience means that she will hit the ground running when elected to the Senate as Victoria’s first female Greens senator.  Her clear thinking and facilitation skills will ensure that she is an exceptionally effective advocate for Greens principles.  Janet’s energy and strength will enable her to keep fighting tirelessly for a better , fairer world.  The Victorian Greens couldn’t have a better Senator.

"adrian whitehead" Adrian Whitehead, Co-founder Beyond Zero Emissions and Otway Ranges Environment Network. Former Greens State Convenor, and federal, state, and local candidate
The Greens have never been more important. The fate of humanity and more than 90% of species alive depend on an effective response to global warming in the next few years. The Greens have a critical role in leading this response, articulating the solutions, and being honest about the threats. To do this we need people who understand the problem and have a proven track record as environmental advocates and dedicated Greens.  Janet Rice is such a person. I have worked with Janet for over 20 years in and out of the Greens. Her work and commitment to both the Greens and the environment over decades makes her the number one choice as lead senate candidate.

shaun murrayShaun Murray, Spokesperson on Coal, Friends of the Earth Australia
As a long-term Maribyrnong resident, I have witnessed Janet Rice’s passion and commitment to environmental and social justice issues. As a Councillor, then Mayor of Maribyrnong, Janet was instrumental in raising the profile of sustainability in our area, and she also used her influence to successfully campaign in the broader community.
As a climate justice campaigner, I have also witnessed Janet’s ongoing commitment to climate change campaigning and her active involvement in the climate movement. I believe that Janet’s passion, work ethic, and ability to work collaboratively would make her an outstanding Senator.

helen harrisCr Helen Harris OAM, Councillor City of Whitehorse, Mayor 2008-9; Secretary, Australian Local Government Women’s Association; Eastern Suburbs Regional Secretary, 2002 - 2004
I first met Janet when I joined the Greens in 2002, and really appreciated the help and advice she gave when I was elected to Whitehorse Council in 2005.  Janet has excellent knowledge of how government works at all  levels through her experience as Councillor and Mayor, as a local government employee, and a candidate and campaign manager in many State and Federal elections. In addition to this practical experience, Janet has demonstrated great leadership qualities as Chair of the Metropolitan Transport Forum, and Vice President of the VLGA.  Her knowledge and expertise in many areas, including public transport and climate change, and her polished media performances, make her an ideal selection as our lead Senate candidate.

travis pembertonTravis Pemberton, Greens Member and volunteer
I worked as a volunteer with Janet in the Footscray campaign office in the last state election. Janet is personable, passionate and driven. We had so many people come into the office that had no idea of politics or wanted help with their voter registration and I'm certain everyone of them left with a positive opinion of Janet and the work that The Greens do. I always enjoyed coming in to work; Janet was always positive, energetic, knew what had to be done and knew how best to utilise our resources in order to get it done! I truly wish her every success in this next campaign! She would make a fantastic Senator

cathy trembathCathy Trembath, Convenor Gippsland Regional Council, State Councillor
I have known Janet for the last 4 years in my role as a State Councillor.  I have been impressed by her commitment, her passion and her skills in working for the Victorian Greens and the issues that are so critical for our times.  
Two of the most important characteristics that I think will prove invaluable for a Senator are Janet’s excellent ability to work with individuals and with groups and her tireless energy. She listens to the issues and the sentiments from those around her, picking up the nuances and unspoken concerns, bringing together people to create solutions.   And as our Senator, I know she will transfer her boundless energy to working in Parliament and to remain connected to the Greens in Victoria, listening to our concerns and working with the grassroots of our party throughout the state.  

Gillian Collins,
Convenor, Pines Protectors
Former Convenor, Frankston Branch

Janet Rice is a glowing example of persistent, optimistic, action  in a dull world of apathy.  It will take persistence and commitment such as hers to make the right things happen in Canberra, she has proven what she stands for, and she can be trusted to follow through. 

 I heartily endorse her for preselection as the next Victorian Greens candidate for the Senate.

philip sutton Philip Sutton, Author Climate Code Red
Greens Member 
For the Greens to lead in a time of climate change, global financial crises, and a walking away from compassion and responsibility by many, our representatives need to be very special.  Over the 25 years that I have known her, Janet Rice has demonstrated the skills and qualities that we need: both strength of character and team work, a visionary engagement with the big picture and a deep engagement with people’s needs in their everyday lives.  Janet is principled and flexible, passionate and level headed.  And she is intelligent and has a staggering stamina that enables her to manage a gruelling workload.

lynette keleher Cr Lynette Keleher
Casey City Council
Casey Cardinia Dandenong Branch
Janet Rice is a highly competent and intelligent individual. She has great integrity and is always professional and courteous but knows how to be tough when she needs to be.

Janet would make a fantastic Senator and would bring with her many years of accumulated knowledge and experience. I have no hesitation whatsoever in endorsing her, and wish her the best of luck.

"lenka thompson" Cr Lenka Thompson,

Moreland City Council
Moreland Branch

Janet is precisely the kind of person we need in our Parliament. She will stand true to the principles which unite us as Greens. She is truly the right person for the job, with her deep understanding and experience with the many facets of the Party and knowledge of how our policies will improve our society.. She would make us proud as our Senator.

merryn redenbachMerryn Redenbach,
Climate Change activist

I have known Janet Rice as a key member of the climate campaigning community from when I was first involved in 2009.  Janet's hard work, dedication and appreciation of what is needed to create a just and sustainable Australia have impressed me throughout this time.  Janet's teamwork, insight into the range of issues in the Greens platform and ability to have positive and respectful interactions with others while energetically pursuing important outcomes will be highly valuable as a Senate candidate and Senator.

 rex thompson Rex Thompson, Former Member Disputes Panel, Former Member of State Council
Knox-Maroondah Branch

 I have seen Janet at work for the Greens in many different roles including on the Disputes Panel and State Council. She would make an outstanding Green Senator. Her facilitation, negotiating and writing skills as well as her vast political experience and deep understanding of the history and vision of the Australian Greens, and her capacity for sheer hard work, mean that she would make an immediate and continuing impact as a Victorian Greens Senator. She has my complete and whole-hearted support.

Jeremy Press, Member VCECC

I worked with Janet in the State election campaign (and we go back to her days in the East Gippsland Coalition). She told me a little about her time as a Councillor and Mayor of Maribyrnong. One story: A woman whose teeth were so bad she felt she could not smile. Couldn't let anyone see. Couldn't apply for work. Could not have a social life. Not only the pain of rotting teeth, but crippling isolation.

 Janet helped. She's a pragmatist. She doesn't live to judge. She works to right what she sees is wrong. And she won a swag of new votes in that election.

 Janet is a person of worth, of substance. She would be a credit to any parliament.

trevor coonTrevor Coon, Co-Convenor Western Suburbs Regional Council
I have worked closely with Janet on issues from forests to transport to climate change to bikes, and on many election campaigns.  Janet’s intelligence, ability, compassion, integrity and drive are all beyond question.

When Janet was Mayor, it was a treat to open the local paper each week and see another example of Janet promoting Greens ideas in our community. It made me so proud to have campaigned for her election – she never let us down, and always did more than we could expect.

One of Janet’s strengths as a campaigner is her ability to involve, engage and motivate people.  Over many election and community campaigns Janet has invigorated the Greens in the western suburbs. Janet has that rare ability to connect with people who are not traditional Greens supporters. Her success in Footscray’s different ethnic communities, and her support across age groups is testament to her skills.

Janet would be an exemplary Greens Senate candidate. I whole-heartedly support her nomination and look forward to an exciting campaign and a legendary Greens Senator for Victoria.

Lisa Owen, Warrnambool Branch Convenor
Janet Rice has been a positive presence in the Greens as long as I can remember.  We country Greens often feel isolated as we toil during elections and keep the machine running in between.  With encouragement and appreciation, Janet has shown us support when it was most needed and if the truth be known, without those words of encouragement, we may have been less likely to pick up the ball and keep running with it. Janet has also shown an even hand when dealing with the many different passionate ways in which we all want to save the planet! She is a peacemaker.
Janet has inspired us with her successes. Country Greens look up to her as one of our guiding lights. Janet has a great chance to be an outstanding addition to our Green team in Canberra.

lloyd daviesCr Lloyd Davies, Greens Councillor, Borough of Queenscliffe.
Janet will be a high quality and effective Senator. As a former Councillor and Mayor she has the experience to negotiate the best possible outcomes in the complicated world of Canberra politics. Her knowledge and convincing presentation skills will be invaluable in the media and in public forums. Janet has helped many people grow in the Greens. As a Senator she would be invaluable not only as a voice for progressive issues but her integrity, patience and enthusiasm would help more people get involved and be active in politics. Her commitment to Green issues is clearly evident from years of dedicated work. It would be a wonderful outcome for her to represent us in the Federal Parliament.

Alex Shlotzer, Former State Convenor, Candidate, and campaign manager.
Member of State Council, Delegate to National Council and Conference, Founder and former branch secretary Brimbank Branch
I've known Janet Rice since 2003. Janet was one of the founding members of the Victorian Greens and has the success of the Party as her primary concern. Janet Rice and the Inner West Greens were important sources of support in establishing the Brimbank branch. Janet is a fierce advocate but has a cooperative approach to reaching outcomes. She is a respected community leader and her knowledge of environmental, urban planning and transport policy issues complements the current team of federal representatives. Janet is an experienced grassroots campaigner having worked with a diverse range of people and community organisations.  She is determined, and prepared to do the hard yards. With her experience in different campaigns, Janet has proven she is able to recruit volunteers and supporters. I believe that her campaigning abilities coupled with her policy knowledge make her a strong candidate as our lead Senate candidate.

Sabina Crawley, Hobsons Bay Convenor
I've worked with Janet over many years on numerous campaigns and activities in the West. She has resourcefulness, intelligence, political insight and energy; essential prerequisites to achieve great things if elected to the Senate. I've always found her very easy to work with, possessing humour and optimism with the ability to communicate well with all people and situations. Janet's depth of knowledge, wisdom and acumen, combined with an extraordinary work ethic and engaging personality I believe, are essential attributes of an effective and succesful senator. I wholeheartedly support Janet's nomination. 

daniel bowenDaniel Bowen

President Public Transport Users Association

Janet has been an energetic sustainable transport campaigner for many years.

Many claim to be supportive of reducing car dependence, but she
has been active in the debate, and has made a valuable contribution to
the cause.

peter knight Dr Peter Knight, President Maribyrnong Truck Action Group

I have worked closely with Janet over the past decade in the fight to have the number of trucks using the streets of Melbourne’s inner west reduced. I have found her to be a woman of integrity, intelligence, passion and energy. Janet fights hard for what she believes in but she doesn’t shove her views onto others, she is a great listener and a great consensus builder. I am also amazed by her capacity to absorb the blows and set backs that are a part of politics and community activism, and maintain a steady, optimistic outlook. This combination of qualities is quite rare and, I believe, makes her ideally suited for a prominent role on the national political scene.

katerina gaitaKaterina Gaita, Climate change and community activist
I've known and worked with Janet for 6 years. I am awed by her tireless efforts to fight for things she knows to be right. Janet is selfless and hardworking, but also able to enjoy life fully.  This balance gives her the stamina to maintain her commitment. I'm always impressed not just by how well Janet knows issues, but how well she can communicate them. She is a great strategic planner and has a vision for the future of this country and how to achieve it. I also admire Janet's genuine warmth towards the people she knows in our community. She takes time to know people and cares about them . These qualities make her an excellent candidate who would work hard as a Senator to make Australia a progressive and compassionate country.

Huong Truong
Huong Truong, Greens Member, Footscray
Janet's strength is in her ability to understand & work well with all sorts of communities.  This is no doubt owed to her experience as an astute local councillor and her prominence as a campaigner on all manner of important Greens issues.  Janet will be a Senate candidate our party will readily rally around for an exciting federal election campaign. She's proven to attract wonderful people to our efforts. As a voter who wants to see the Greens have that best chance at expanding our federal parliamentary team, I'm proud to support Janet Rice in this preselection.

judith buckrichDr Judith Buckrich
Greens Member
Melbourne historian and author.

Janet Rice is a fantastic candidate for the Senate. She is honest, open and knowledgeable about Australian politics, environmental, urban planning and transport policy issues, and is an experienced campaigner, able to work with many different kinds of people and organisations.

I would be very happy to be represented by her in the Senate.

ed mckinleyEd McKinley, Director, Groupwork Institute of Australia
I have worked in association with Janet since 2001. Much of our endeavours together have been around community engagement and facilitation practice.  Janet exhibits a deep understanding and commitment to participatory principles. and their implementation into a wide variety of settings. Her enthusiasm for pursuing a more just and sustainable society is inspirational. Janet possesses a practical integrity rarely found. And in addition to all this she brings a cheerfulness to her approach which is most refreshing.
She is someone I sincerely trust to represent my values in the Senate.

Jenny Saulwick, Founding Member and inaugural State Secretary
I’m supporting Janet Rice as the lead Senate Candidate for the Victorian Greens at the next Federal election because she is a great leader and a wonderful organizer. These attributes are required in spades in a lead candidate..
I have known Janet and watched her endeavours on behalf of social conditions and the environment since 1992. Her work on climate change, refugees and asylum seekers and better public transport is so impressive. I know Janet is extremely committed to the Greens, and importantly she is extremely committed to consultation within the Party and with the community generally. I recommend you vote for Janet Rice!

ray astburyRay Astbury, Climate Change campaigner

 It came as a pleasant surprise to hear that you were seeking Senate pre-selection. While I had heard a lot about your work for the community, it was when you were campaign manager for Clive Hamilton during the Higgins by election that I got to see you in action. It was a pleasure to support the campaign with you leading it. The Party through your contribution certainly made the statement it set out to achieve in this Liberal stronghold.

 I know you would make your presence felt in the Senate and wish you all the very best.

 robert stephen Robert Stephen, Greens Founding Member, Monbulk
I met Janet Rice at the very first official meeting of the Victorian Greens in 1992. I was extremely impressed with her spirit, drive and friendliness. I left that meeting thinking she would be great to have as a leader and I have always thought that to this very day. Janet is active in all sections of the party from policy formulation, public consultation, local and state development, and was a very successful elected councillor.
She has the capacity and willingness to uphold an excellent performance as our Senator and it is for these reasons I give her my full support.

deb hartDeb Hart, Grassroots climate activist: Founder of LIVE, co-founder of Climarte and member of the recently formed Quit Coal collective)
I have worked with Janet Rice since around 2005. In all of my dealings with Janet, I have found her to be as committed as she is intelligent, and engaged. When it comes to environment and sustainability issues, Janet's strong convictions regarding what is best and fair for all are complemented by a deep understanding of the socio-eco-political dimensions of the problems we collectively face. In working with Janet, one finds an expansive thinker, a terrific listener and an incredibly hard worker.
It is my pleasure and privilege to endorse Janet in her bid for preselection as a Greens Senator.

eugene ughettiEugene Ughetti,
Artistic Director, Speak Percussion

I have known Janet for the better part of 15 years.  I have watched her develop her role and make a lasting and  positive impact on the Maribyrnong community. Janet is precisely the person who leads without compromising her core values as a human being whilst creating a productive and positive atmosphere. Her commitment to the environment and to people make her stand out as someone who should be in a position of  influence and authority. I endorse her fully and am looking forward to her bright future in politics.

jenny gardnerJenny Gardner, Heritage Interpretation Consultant
I have known Janet all my life. Our families met every summer at Wilson's Promontory where we developed our love of the natural environment. From these early days Janet knew more about wildlife ecology than anyone else I knew. As an adult, Janet embraced sustainable practices well before the rest of us and she has campaigned for change ever since. Janet has been ‘green’ all her life! She practises what she preaches, and she has the strength, experience, single-mindedness and persuasiveness to bring others on board with her. She is also incredibly articulate and thoughtful. We need a  Greens Senator that has integrity, that we all want to follow and who can match wits with the other politicians. Janet is that person so ‘Vote 1 – Janet’.


Karen Alexander, Greens Member and Biodiversity Campaigner

It's over 20 years since I first met Janet when she was working on saving forests for East Gippsland. Even then she had fabulous skills at getting people to work together with a strong sense of the vision and a collaborative approach to achieving that vision.
Since then I've seen her go from strength to strength applying the same collaborative but visionary and practical approach in setting up, with others, the Greens in Victoria, and more recently her transport, local government  and climate change work. Can she do this tough job in the Senate? Yes. Will I feel that I have a voice in the Senate? Yes. Will I know that she'll listen, be fair, be Green, and work hard at achieving a vision? Yes.  Go Janet!

patrick moriartyDr Patrick Moriarty,
co-author of "Rise and Fall of the Carbon Civilisation" Springer, 2011.  

Janet has the science background to understand the many environmental challenges we face today, and the energy and political savvy to help resolve them.