Planning for a sustainable future

Collaborative planning is exceptionally valuable for planning for sustainability outcomes for your organisation. This is because it builds commitment from across the organisation which maximises voluntary sustainability actions. The processes Janet uses are similar to strategic planning processes, but usually also include a considerable educational and motivational component.

An example

annecto the people network
Preparation of a Sustainability ‘Journey Plan’ 2009

Janet is a wonderful communicator who listens empathetically, speaks with clarity and purpose and welcomes people with a natural warmth and openness.

I have no hesitation in recommending Janet as a most dynamic facilitator capable of creating sustainable change within diverse teams.

Estelle Fyffe, CEO

annecto – the people network

Janet worked with management, board and staff to develop a ‘journey plan’ for the sustainability journey that annecto, a disability services organisation, have embarked upon. This work included surveying staff about their attitudes and behaviours related to sustainability, and running a highly interactive workshop with representatives from across the organisation that informed people about sustainability and explored possible sustainability actions that annecto could take to.