Senate Preselection Supporting Statements

helen harrisCr Helen Harris, Mayor, City of Whitehorse

I first met Janet when I joined the Greens in 2002, and really appreciated the help and advice she gave when I was elected to Whitehorse Council in 2005. Janet has wide ranging experience of working at a high level, as demonstrated by her leadership of the Metropolitan Transport Forum. In her capacity as Vice President of the VLGA, Janet gained significant experience in liaising with a wide spectrum of people, which will stand her in good stead as a Senator. Her passionate campaigning on many important issues, for example climate change, shows that she has a detailed understanding of the major issues that face us, as well as the commitment and background to make a real difference in debates on such matters at the highest levels of government. Janet is a polished media performer who can be relied upon to make the Greens messages heard.

Cr. Helen Harris OAM
Mayor, City of Whitehorse 

Cr Samantha DunnCr Samantha Dunn

Janet would make a great Senator for Victoria. Her passion and commitment to working for sustainable change is outstanding. Her track record is impressive: addressing climate change in local government, and sustainable transport as chair of the Metropolitan Transport Forum to name a few. Her ability to have genuine, honest and collaborative conversations from the grass roots through to the highest levels of government are impressive and inspiring. I have no doubt recommending Janet as lead senate candidate for Victoria, she is articulate, knowledgeable, always approachable and is Green through and through.

Cr Samantha Dunn
Greens Councillor , Shire of Yarra Ranges

miriam solomonMiriam Solomon

Janet would be a fantastic Senator, and an amazing ambassador for the Greens. I have worked with Janet at a state, national and international level, and through her work on global issues, social justice, women’s issues, and Greens processes. Janet’s experience in the Greens is unsurpassed.

Her strengths are her endless energy to work tirelessly, her immense skills in negotiation and mediation, and her unyielding commitment to the Greens and its principles. She is a woman of integrity who has devoted her life to advancing the Green agenda, and who has an unmatchable combination of experience, skills and knowledge. Janet also has the necessary personal emotional strength to meet any challenges that will present in federal politics. If she becomes a Greens Senator, I have no doubt that she will make a profound mark on the history of this country.

Miriam Solomon,  International Secretary, Australian Greens, Co-convenor, Australian delegation, Global Greens Conference, 2008, and many other state and national positions

Karin GeradtsKarin Geradts

Janet has been a powerful and positive force in the Victorian Greens since its inception 17 years ago. Tireless, energetic and ever enthusiastic, she has committed many thousands of hours to helping move the Party forward and to promoting Green ideals to the wider community. She is a model of how to live sustainably.

Janet amazes me with her ability to deeply understand all of the issues, from international to national to her own backyard, and to come up with creative solutions. She has a demonstrated track record of electability, having won two terms on Maribyrnong Council, including a successful, high profile term as mayor.

Janet’s life experiences, as mother, partner, woman, councillor, friend and more have given her the wisdom that I’m looking for in a Senator. I’m voting for Janet!

Karin Geradts, longtime Greens member, organiser, candidate and activist

liz ingham and leon rice-whettonLiz Ingham

pictured with Leon Rice-Whetton at the Williamstown by-election, at the Yarraville booth where Janet got 34% of the vote, keeping Labor to 43%

Janet is a people-magnet. She got me volunteering for the Greens, and kept me here.

We've been in stressful situations together, and every time I am in awe of how she handles it.  No matter if she's tired, stressed or under attack - Janet not only keeps her cool, but brings out the best in everyone. Collaboration and consensus aren’t just techniques – they’re how she approaches the world, and they are powerful forces for change.

I want to see Janet in the Senate, changing the world with a combination of warmth, positive attitude, passion for change and fearlessness.

The media take Janet seriously, because they have been interviewing her for years about public transport, environment, climate change and social issues.  She will hit the ground running in this election.

Janet has the incisive mind of a scientist, the political savvy of a long term player, and the heart of the Earth. Her principles are our principles, and she will bring those to the Senate.

I’m going to vote for Janet Rice to be preselected as the No.1 Senate Candidate. I think you should, too.

Liz Ingham
Greens member since 1996
Inner West Branch (which was formed by Janet!)

jo connellanCr Jo Connellan

I have known Janet for several years, and more recently have worked with her on the Metropolitan Transport Forum (MTF), a committee representing 19 different Councils. As chair of MTF Janet’s combination of enthusiasm, collaboration, intellect and pragmatism made the MTF one of the very credible and respected voices on transport issues.

Janet has experience in being in Government – that is a significant asset that she will bring to the role of Senator of Victoria. She has great skills in working with people with diverse views, and getting some form of workable consensus; she is always practical and outcome focussed in her approach. She would manage the diversity and negotiating required of a Greens Senator very well.

As a Senator she would do the Greens proud.

Cr Jo Connellan, Green Councillor, City of Moreland

david tongDavid Tong

Dear Janet,

All the best with the senate preselection. I have complete faith in your ability to win at the next election, and your passion to deliver once elected. 

We were very fond of you when you were the Mayor of our city. You had the passion and the drive to improve our city, and you took each citizen's concern seriously.

When we had a relatively small issue with parking around the University, my partner complained to Council; and you called back, explained the situation, and sometime later, resolved the issue.

You carefully listen to people's concerns, you understand their situation, you communicate with them clearly, and you help to resolve their concerns.

We need someone like you at the Federal level to help steer our country in the right direction. Through small incidents like that above, we got to know your character, we trust how you work and we know that you will deliver. 

As such, you are very popular and well known in the inner west and throughout the western suburbs. Everyone knows Janet Rice. Everyone likes Janet Rice. Everyone talks about Janet Rice. You are a legend here.
I am sure that if you are preselected, you will be able to attract a very significant number of Labor voters to the Greens in the next election. You will help the Greens secure more votes and hopefully more seats.

Kind regards,

David Tong
(Footscray resident, whom Janet met via Facebook a few months ago and met in person for the first time this month, May 2009)

elliot gingoldElliot Gingold

I first worked closely with Janet Rice in 2003 when she was Co-convenor of the AGV and I was on the State Executive. I was very impressed at her ability to get things done while maintaining her commitment to grass roots democracy and consensus decision making. Janet’s very open style of leadership helped us get through some quite difficult times and remain a cohesive unit.

Last year I again had the chance to work with her as Australian Greens delegates to the Global Greens Congress in Sao Paulo. I was well aware, from her local council work, that she was very knowledgeable on issues such as sustainable transport. But I discovered that she also had deep experience on all our core issues such as tackling climate change. She proved to be a very valuable member of the delegation, able to apply thoughtful input across the whole spectrum of matters covered at the Congress. I was particularly impressed that she had helped the mainly non-English speaking Brazilian delegates draft a resolution (in English) on the fate of the Amazon forests!

I am very happy to recommend Janet as an excellent choice as our lead candidate for the Senate. She has much relevant experience and a deep commitment to fundamental Greens principles. And anyone who has ever heard her interviewed on the radio will know that she has the ability to put our politics across in a way which reveals them to be common sense, and worthy of broad approval!

Elliot Gingold
Convenor Australian Greens Global issues Group

linden salter-dukeLinden Salter-Duke

Janet has a rare ability to be able to see both the wood and the trees: she can see the big picture and she can manage the nitty-gritty details.

I've seen her door-knocking when she was the candidate in the Williamstown by-election, and I don't think I've known any candidate do it better. She's a very good public speaker, helping people to understand the issues and persuading them to come on side.

But as well as the public stuff that all candidates need to do, she is also a very good organiser behind the scenes, ensuring that things get done when they should be done. Her energy is infectious: she gets people performing small miracles in campaigns as a matter of routine.

Linden Salter-Duke
Western Suburbs Local Branch Co-ordinator and State Council Representative

Margaret BlakersMargaret Blakers

Janet Rice is an experienced politician, a committed Green and a loving person. She is a tireless campaigner - a leader in tackling climate change, improving public transport, protecting East Gippsland's forests and building a more cohesive and progressive community. She brings wide experience to her Senate candidacy -- from her working life, her roles in the Greens and her service as a councillor and as Victoria's first female Green mayor. Her dedication to Greens ideals, local to global, is unswerving. Having known and worked with Janet for over 20 years, I am confident she would be an excellent Senate candidate and a Senator to be proud of.

Margaret Blakers
Co-founder of the Victorian Greens, Organiser, Global Greens 2001, Founder, Green Institute and former Senate advisor.

greg dayGreg Day

I have seen Janet at work in the media over nearly two decades. She is assured, articulate and able to stick to the point. She’s also able to inspire people and bring them together on issues.

Janet’s delivery is also very authentic. Her passion and commitment are always obvious but never shrill or inflated. She can also explain tricky technical arguments’ in everyday language.

In short, Janet knows her stuff and the media like her - there can be no greater praise for an activist with a message or two!

Greg Day
Director, Education Image
Media and Communications Consultant

Karen Alexander

It's over 20 years since I first met Janet when she was working on saving forests for East Gippsland. Even then she had fabulous skills at getting people to work together with a strong sense of the vision and a collaborative approach to achieving that vision.

Since then I've seen her go from strength to strength applying the same collaborative but visionary and practical approach in setting up, with others, the Greens in Victoria, and more recently her transport and local government work. Can she do this tough job in the Senate? Yes. Will I feel that I have a voice in the Senate? Yes. Will I know that she'll listen, be fair, be Green, and work hard at achieving a vision? Yes. Go Janet!

Karen Alexander, Emerald
Greens Member since 1992

huong truongHuong Truong

Janet’s hard work and warmth as a practical, conscientious Greens Councillor, a friendly face at the forefront of campaigns, and as a parent, has for many years has built the Greens profile in the west. I have the utmost respect for the bridges she has built in the communities she has worked with, especially where Greens have been misunderstood or scarce.

I know Janet as a committed and articulate activist, a person who truly opens herself to the task of championing what she believes in. As I have been finding my way through the Greens over the past few years, I have been glad for Janet’s generosity with her time and experiences. I have no doubt that as Greens Lead Senate Candidate Janet would inspire further confidence and conviction.

Huong Truong
2007 Federal Election Candidate for Gorton.

Mark Riley

I worked with Janet in a leadership sense within the Greens as the state office party administrator 2003-6. She demonstrated good sense and acute insight into the party dynamics whilst focused upon where we needed to be going.

Janet is bright, sensible and realistic. Yet she is unswerving in her work for the ideals that many Greens share. She’s worked and lobbied hard for a better world for us now and for our future grandkids.

Janet is a strong supporter of GLBTI issues. At a personal level she has supported her partner Penny and their sons through some major life challenges. Penny and Janet are incredible role models for both the GLBTI community and the wider community.

Janet has demonstrated her capability of working with people and for them in the political arena, her work life and her family role. As Senator for Victoria she would lead us to even greater achievements than the long legacy she has established to date.

Mark Riley, Moreland Greens

dinesh mathewDinesh Mathew

I have known Janet Rice for over a decade and have worked with her on many occasions. She is committed, intelligent and personable, and one of the most respected and best campaigners I have met. I have no doubt that if elected, Janet would be a hard-working representative who would achieve great results not just for the Greens but for Victoria and Australia.

Dinesh Mathew
Member, Port Phillip Greens
Campaign Co-ordinator Federal Election 2007

shaun murray and janet riceShaun Murray and Neesh Wray

photo of Shaun and Janet at Canberra Climate Summit January 2009

As long term Maribyrnong residents, we have witnessed Janet Rice’s passion and commitment to environmental and social justice issues. As a Councillor, then Mayor of Maribyrnong, Janet was instrumental in raising the profile of sustainability in our area, and she also used her influence to successfully campaign in the broader community.
More recently, we have enjoyed working alongside Janet as part of the Western Community Action Network (WeCAN). Once again, we have seen her passion, work ethic, and ability to work collaboratively in action, with great outcomes following as a result.

Janet not only campaigns hard for environmental and social justice issues, but she also leads by example through actions such as choosing a bike as the Mayoral vehicle and growing, bottling and swapping her own fruit and vegies.

For these reasons, we believe Janet would make an outstanding senator for Victoria.

Neesh Wray & Shaun Murray
Founders, WeCAN, Westside Carbon REduction Action Group and Western Urban Harvest Swap Meet

beth davidsonBeth Davidson

I have worked with Janet for a number of years around our shared passion for local democracy and the right of local citizens to influence matters that affect them. Janet was an active and valuable Vice President of the VLGA, in addition to her other Local Government and community roles. Janet’s thoughtful contribution provided valuable insights into the many issues which came before us. Her calming influence in challenging circumstances, her capacity to focus on issues and facts rather than emotion or personalities constantly assists good decision-making and equips her to be an outstanding candidate for the Senate. Janet gets things done by focusing on systemic change while at the same time being mindful of a respectful and inclusive process. Janet walks the talk with regard to her commitment to the future of democracy, community and our planet yet balances this with never taking herself too seriously, she knows how to laugh and enjoy life – a necessary and healthy outlook! I’m proud to endorse her for preselection to the Senate.

Beth Davidson
President Victorian Local Governance Association (2005 – 2008)
Surf Coast Shire Councillor and Mayor (1997 – 2008)

robert stephenRobert Stephen

The very first day of the Victorian Greens (1992) was when I met Janet Rice. I was extremely impressed with her spirit, drive and friendliness. I left that meeting thinking she would be great to have as a leader and I have always thought that to this very day. Janet is active in all sections of the party from policy formulation, public consultation, local and state development, and most importantly as an elected councillor.
She has the capacity and willingness to uphold an excellent performance as our senator and it is for these reasons I give her my full support and encourage others to follow.

Robert Stephen, Monbulk
Greens Founding Member

jenny saulwickJenny Saulwick

I have known Janet Rice since I worked with her and a small number of other committed people to start the Greens Victoria in 1992. Janet is totally honest and ethical as well as being extremely intelligent, diligent and passionate. She is totally committed to working towards solving the difficult world issues facing us all particularly climate change.

Janet is a quite extraordinary human being and would make a really wonderful senator working not just for the Greens but for all humankind.

I urge all Victorian Greens to support Janet Rice as the Greens lead Senate Candidate for Victoria.

Jenny Saulwick
Member and active campaigner and office bearer Dandenong Ranges Greens since 1992.

jill redwoodJill Redwood

Janet is a true wonder woman! If I was to list all of her many attributes it would fill this screen to bursting point.

I've known and worked with Janet since the 1980s, when the East Gippsland Coalition was fighting hard for our forests out this way. Her dedication and understanding of the environment is astounding.  

Go Janet!

Jill Redwood
Coordinator, Environment East Gippsland

robyn robertsRobyn Roberts

Janet Rice has been one of the most important people in the Victorian Greens over the last decade. I commend her to you as a future Senator to continue her contribution.

Janet has been Convenor and Executive member many times, the spearhead for the first Strategic Review and Strategic Plan, an ambassador extraordinaire for consensus processes – including the codification of the processes for State Council Meetings, an instigator of the formal processes for internal party conflict resolution, and subsequent establishment of the Disputes Resolution Committee – of which she was a founding member.

Janet’s style is completely inclusive - which makes her a great leader. She has excellent personal communication skills and her generosity of spirit and calm yet effective approach makes her a great inspiration to many. She is strategic, direct and efficient, and is a creative and clear thinker in her analysis of which issues to pursue.

Her energy seems endless, but she takes care of herself and family well; creating that balance that others admire and which sustains the "long haul".

Janet as our Senator would be a wonderful step into the future of Greens-style Politics in Australia. She will be able to reach out to those around her in displaying ethics, compassion, sincerity, and consensus problem solving, as well as achieving real results towards a sustainable and fair future.

Robyn Roberts
Greens Member, Candidate, Campaign Manager, State Councillor and Policy Convenor from 1998 – 2009 .

colin smithColin Smith

Janet Rice has an outstanding track record of experience and achievements as a community leader and activist. She was one of the leaders in the 1980s campaign to save the forests of East Gippsland and subsequently in the creation and development of the Greens Victoria, then as a Maribyrnong Councillor and Mayor; Chair of the Metropolitan Transport Forum; and a Vice-President of the VLGA.

Janet’s achievements reflect a combination of passion, personality and persistence with industry, intelligence and integrity. She knows what has to happen and how to make it happen, and spares no effort. She would do us proud as the Greens Senator from Victoria.

Colin Smith

eleisha mullaneEleisha Mullane

I have known Janet since I first joined the Australian Greens Victoria eleven years ago. I believe her to be one of our most hard working committed members, and I wholeheartedly give her my support in the Senate pre-selection process.

Janet was always welcoming and supportive, helping me to understand the party as a new member, all those years ago. She was then extremely active as one of the key members who kept the party running back in the days with very little funding and no office staff.

I then worked closely with Janet during my time as the State Convenor when as a member of the state executive, she facilitated executive meetings. This was during a federal election and a couple of by elections which kept us very busy.

I believe Janet has over the years built up an extensive campaigning and community profile. People who have met her through her community commitments speak very highly of her, and her campaigning on issues such as better public transport has seen her gain a significant profile across the Melbourne area. Her networks are extensive and a great asset to any candidate for the party.

Eleisha Mullane
Member since 1998, State Convenor2001-2002, executive member 2001 -2004 and 2007-08

jon stangerJon Stanger

Janet has been an inspiration for me since I joined the Greens in 2002.

Her work on Maribyrnong City Council and her leadership role in the Metropolitan Transport Forum really showcased Janet's skills and knowledge in two areas; transport policy and community engagement, particularly participatory budgeting. I've been incredibly impressed with Janet’s command of these subjects and the leadership she has shown.

Janet's deep grasp of the threats of climate change and peak oil, as well as her inspiring solutions will position the Greens and Australia well. Our biggest danger is that as we move with the necessary pace towards sustainability, we will leave people behind. Janet's commitment to grassroots participation will work to ensure this doesn't happen.

I've never been quite as in awe and inspired as when I have heard Janet talk about participatory budgeting. What could better demonstrate our principles of grassroots participatory democracy, social justice, sustainability and of course peace, than empowering people to make decisions on how their money is spent. What better way to cut out undue corporate influence? It is progressive ideas such as this that really exhibit Janet's wealth of experience and inclusive style.

There could be no better addition to our election team and the Australian Senate.

Jon Stanger
Ballarat branch

Tim Long

I have known Janet for about two years. The Greens movement has known her for more than 20. I learnt of Janet’s history not through her own words, but through those of others; her achievements speak for themselves.

Janet was one of the founders of the Victorian Greens, and she has been instrumental in bringing this way of thought to our lives. She has served in virtually every possible official capacity within the Greens and has been a highly effective elected representative on the Maribyrnong City Council.

I believe the time is right to have a woman of Janet’s experience lead the Senate ticket for the Greens in Victoria. She has a deep understanding across all policy areas and is able to speak to them succinctly and with great conviction.

Janet Rice will make an excellent Greens senator for Victoria.

Tim Long
Secretary Yarra Branch

geraldine brooksCr Geraldine Brooks

As a Greens member, and newly elected Greens Councillor with the City of Brimbank I have known Janet for four years. Recently we have been working together to campaign for better public transport in Melbourne’s west.

I knew Janet before I met her because of her long record of environmental activism and her public profile as a Councillor and Mayor.

Janet is enthusiastic, energetic and hard working. She always has an intelligent, well reasoned response to issues and is a wonderfully generous person willing to support those around her.

Janet would be an excellent choice as our lead candidate for the Senate.

Cr Geraldine Brooks
Councillor City of Brimbank

Philip Crohn

I've known Janet Rice since early 1994, when I began volunteering at Bicycle Victoria, where she was employed as a campaigner. Janet masterminded Australia's first Ride to Work campaign, which over the years has evolved into one of BV's biggest and most successful campaigns. She always practised what she preached, riding to work until going on maternity leave for the birth of her second son Leon. Even then Janet was an active member of the Greens, and inspired me to join the party, in time to help her launch Peter Singer's campaign for the October 1994 Kooyong by-election. We've both moved on since then, but our paths still cross regularly, usually at events related to transport and land use planning. Every encounter I am inspired by Janet's range of skills, breadth of knowledge and capacity for hard work. Janet Rice has a proven track record, which will ensure she is a great asset to the senate, representing all Victorians for the benefit of all.

Philip Crohn. 

Christina Leslie

I know Janet Rice through our mutual role on Western Suburbs Regional Council.

I offer my support to her Senate preselection as her extensive experience and her long term contribution the Australian Greens will be invaluable to the future directions of the party.

Christina Leslie
Moonee Valley Representative, Western Regional Council.

hector burtonHector Burton

I have known Janet Rice since 2005 through my involvement in the Maribyrnong Bicycle User's Group (MazzaBUG). Janet is a committed, environmentally aware politician who works tirelessly to developing and achieving sustainable transport options for the local community, by promoting walking, bike riding and public transport.

Janet showed her integrity for sustainable transport when  Mayor of Maribyrnong. by eschewing the proffered mayoral car, and electing to have a mayoral bicycle. This was both cheaper for the council and better for the environment! Janet's commitment has been recognised with numerous awards for her work in local government.

Janet’s commitment, energy and integrity make her an invaluable asset for our future.

Hector Burton
President, MazzaBUG

peter knightPeter Knight

Over the past four years I have been closely involved with Janet in the fight to have the number of trucks using the streets of Melbourne’s inner west reduced, I have found her to be a woman of integrity, intelligence, passion and energy. Janet fights hard for what she believes in but she doesn’t shove her views onto others, she is a great listener and a great consensus builder. I am also amazed by her capacity to absorb the blows and set backs that are a part of politics and community activism, and maintain a steady, optimistic outlook. The combination of qualities I am describing is quite rare and, I believe, makes her ideally suited for a prominent role on the national political scene.

Peter Knight
President, Maribyrnong Truck Action Group

david boothDavid Booth

I’m pleased to add my voice in support of Janet’s nomination for preselection as the Lead Senate Candidate for Victoria.

I know Janet to be a tireless and capable representative of the Australian Greens, particularly as a Councillor and Mayor and her valiant effort in the Williamstown by-election in 2007.

Janet also walks the walk! Her presence at any meeting is often presaged by a clatter of bicycle on door as she seeks out a safe place for her bike. 

Importantly, she is also more than able to speak out on issues that matter to the Greens. On occasions we have disagreed on matters of policy, and Janet has always been capable of putting together a cogent and coherent argument for her point of view.

In summary, I believe that Janet is a very strong candidate for Senate preselection, would mount a particularly strong campaign and if successful, would serve the people of Victoria admirably.

David Booth
Secretary Hobson’s Bay - Wyndham Branch.