Strategic and organisational planning

Janet is highly skilled at designing and facilitating collaborative processes for strategic and organisational planning. She works with  Boards, management, staff and volunteers of organisations, and with the full range of members and other stakeholders of organisations large and small. Janet’s  processes range from workshops that run over 3 hours to iterative processes conducted  over weeks or months that maximise the opportunities of stakeholder involvement.

Janet will design a process with you to make sure it meets your needs. And she  guarantees that the processes will be interactive and fun. Janet can either facilitate the planning  process and hand the findings over to you, or continue through the project to  the final preparation of a strategic plan.

We sought Janet’s services to help develop our strategic plan…She made it easy for the Board to participate… and for the staff to not feel threatened in sharing their ideas

Dianne Batterham, General Manager,
Westgate Health Co-op

Some examples

Victoria Naturally Alliance Workshop facilitation 2010

Facilitation of a workshop of environment group representatives on capacity building of local communities and community organisations in nature conservation and biodiversity. 

Westgate Health Co-operative Ltd Strategic Planning Workshop 2009

Facilitation of a strategic planning workshop with members of the Board.

Assoc. of Neighbourhood Houses & Learning Centres  Campaign & Strategic Planning 2005 - 2008

Janet facilitated workshops involving the ANHLC Board, campaign working group and representatives of neighbourhood houses through to plan the successful campaign for more funding for neighbourhood houses and community centres.  In 2007 - 08 Janet facilitated strategic planning processes for the Board.

Janet’s strategic planning workshops were enjoyable, effective, engaging and inclusive. They ran to time, and were purposeful with clear outcomes.Janet provided timely and comprehensive reports on the workshop findings and from these developed draft and final strategic plans, with sensitivity and responsiveness to the requirements of our organisation.

Luisa MacMillan,
Merri Creek Management Committee

Darebin Volunteering Project Planning Workshops 2007-2008

Janet ran four workshops with the Darebin Volunteering Project planning the successful transition of the Northcote Community Information and Support Service into a broader volunteer resource program. The workshops involved staff, board members and volunteers from Darebin Council and NCISS and received great feedback as being engaging and fun as well as highly effective.

North East Neighbourhood Houses Network Strategic Planning 2007 - 2008

Janet facilitated a number of planning workshops for the NENH network throughout 2007 and 2008 including strategic planning and other planning including for the Greener Houses project.

Merri Creek Management Committee Strategic Planning 2005 - 2007

Janet worked with board, staff and volunteers over a extended period to develop a strategic plan for the organisation. Janet also undertook all analysis and writing of the Plan.